New XQD card format ready to roll


ZZ18683949 Another new card format. The CompactFlash Association have announced the completion of the new XQD card format, designed to be the successor to the venerable CF cards we all know (and some love).

Designed to be larger than the consumer-oriented SD cards but smaller than the current CF format, the PCI-Express based XQD cards should be more scalable in terms of size and performance than CF can be.

The 38.5 x 29.8 x 3.8mm cards have a 2.5Gbps interface (with 5Gbps planned for the future), with real-world target write speeds likely to be in the 125MB/sec ballpark.

The CFA state that the specification is now available, and licenses are available in early 2012.

No partners have yet been announced, but I wonder if we'll see this format being supported in a Nikon DSLR next year?

Full details available from the CF Association.

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